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We are a team of educators, entrepreneurs and designers committed to helping children develop their unique talents and life skills.

Our mission

Building children’s self-esteem and leadership skills through experiential learning.

Our vision

Empowering today’s children with the skills and tools they need to succeed and create positive change in society.

Our history

We are part of the current transformation that the educational world is experiencing.

All industries are transforming themselves to innovate and bring improvements to society.

Technology has become a key means to do so.. Over the last decade, there has been a growing emphasis on STEAM, robotics, and programming in education.

However, we believe that the current paradigm shift is still missing a transversal proposal focused on the development of competencies needed for the leadership of a technological world.

These are the skills needed for success in the 21st century. Bringing them closer to education is our purpose.

equipo de startkidsup

Our values


we are constantly designing, applying and improving new learning models.


we promote the discovery of the unique talent that each individual possesses within a team.


we strive to make the world a better place by helping children achieve their full potential and pursue their dreams.


we work hard to transform education through innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainability.

StartKidsUp team and the ingredients
of its success,

Aida Galera

The vision

7 years of experience in consulting and innovation. University professor specialized in educational innovation.

Alba Macias

The purpose

3 years of experience in educational startups (previously Nanify), primary education teacher, specialized in active methodologies and special needs.

Carlota González

The affection

3 years of experience in project management, primary education teacher, and graduate in English studies.

Alba Pey

The empathy

5 years of experience as an architecture designer, passionate about future generations, transmits the importance of understanding the problems of the environment.

Anna Baldrich

The care

5 years of experience as a web designer, wanting to revolutionize education, accompanies the little ones at StartKidsUp so that they do not lose their innate creativity.

Albert Figueras

The fun

8 years of experience as an entrepreneur in the translation sector, always in contact with future generations to transmit the entrepreneurial spirit.

Our games and educational program have been
been designed in collaboration with other professionals:
psychologists and educators.

Our games and educational program have been designed in collaboration with other professionals: psychologists and educators.

Cristina Arribas

Pedagogue at Escuela Nómada Digital, experience in the design of activities based on educational entrepreneurship.

Paula Sánchez

Career counselor and pedagogue at CTIC (Technological Center of Oviedo).

Marta Sánchez

Psicóloga infantil (Centro Tecnológico de Oviedo), apoyo en actividades para mejorar la autoestima, empatía y seguridad de los peques.

María Z

Psicóloga general sanitaria, apoyo en actividades para la conexión de padres y madres con sus peques.

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