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If you are a family that is involved in your child’s education and you want to give your child more resources to help them succeed in all aspects of life (personal, social, and academic)…

Discover how your child and the whole family can benefit from working on emotions, skills, and tools for life through the Design Thinking methodology.

Discover our programs and choose the one that best suits you!

Build as a family

Design Thinking Workshop for families #Onsite #Barcelona

Children and parents will have a space to work on introspection, union, and mutual trust during this workshop.

It will be a dynamic and creative workshop where you can connect with other families, with your children, and with yourself.

  • Because you want to learn more about your son from a different angle.
  • Because you want to connect with yourself, your child, and other people who share your interests .
  • Because you want your child to have strategies and skills to be competent.
  • Because you want to find out what Design Thinking is.
  • Because you want to live new experiences with your child.
  • Development of different abilities
  • Encouragement of critical and creative thinking development
  • Encouragement of reflection and family ties
  • Cohesiveness, respect, and empathy at work.
  • Encouragement of self-management.
  • For 6 to 12-year-old children and their parents
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Time: weekends (Saturday morning or afternoon, Sunday morning or afternoon)
  • Place: Tech Barcelona Plaça Pau Vila 1, 08003 How to get there.
  • Precio: 25 €(Adulto + peque), 35 (Adulto + 2 peques), 45 € (toda la unidad familiar)
  • Languages: Spanish and Catalan

Aida (Especialista en innovación educativa) Alba (profesora de educación primaria).

Accompanying my child in their emotional and social development

Online webinar for parents #Online

Marta Sánchez, our child psychologist, will provide parents with a space to work on the emotional support of their children during this webinar.

Each webinar covers one of the following topics: self-esteem, resilience, adaptability, tantrums, bullying, friendships, or negotiations in an applied manner.

All of our webinars consist of three parts: a professional’s educational talk on the topic in question, family questions for the professional, and a final dynamic based on Design Thinking to address the emotion or ability in question.

  • Because you want to have more tools to provide the best education for your child.
  • Because you want to establish a connection with yourself, with the kid you were, and with other families who are actively involved in their children’s education.
  • Because you want your child to have strategies and skills to be competent.
  • Because you need a safe space where you feel understood and heard.
  • Applied knowledge about development of your child.
  • Development of different strategies to better accompany your child.
  • Encouragement of reflection and family ties.
  • Cohesiveness, respect, and empathy at work.
  • Techniques for self-management for your child.
  • For: parents
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Time: afternoons during weekdays
  • Place: online
  • Price: 15 € per person
  • Language: Spanish
  • Spots: 8

Marta Sánchez (Child psychologist), Alba Macías (StartKidsUp pedagogical manager)

Online extracurricular

Design Thinking for kids from 6 to 12 years old #Online

Have fun with our extracurricular activity, online and live from the comfort of home.

Through this extracurricular activity, kids can interact with other curious kids online and develop skills like self-worth, managing frustration, creativity, and communication.

They will implement a Design Thinking curriculum based on problem-solving games and the development of a novel project with social implications.

They will learn to make prototypes with Minecraft, Scratch, to promote their projects with Canva, Tik Tok or Instagram And as soon as they start, they will receive a box with all the necessary material for the activity and other games with which to learn from home.

  • Because you want your little one to gain tools to self-manage through a real educational context
  • Because you have a curious child who you perceive to be unmotivated with most of the topics they deal with at school.
  • Because you want your child to have strategies and skills to be competent.
  • Because your child likes to meet new friends with similar concerns while learning and having fun in a safe space.
  • Improvement of motivation
  • Further self-confidence.
  • Improvement of ability to set boundaries.
  • Empowerment of empathy and communication.
  • To facilitate the flexibility and decision-making of child.
  • For: children from 6 to 12 years old
  • Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
  • Frequency: Once a week
  • Time: afternoons on weekdays
  • Place: online
  • Price: 60€ monthly
  • Language: Spanish
  • Spots: 6
  • Includes licenses and material

Alba Macías (StartKidsUp pedagogical manager)