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Leadership Educational Activity for kids aged between 6 and 12 years old

A child with an idea
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Today’s child socializes less, and is hyperconnected. They encounter more issues with regards to socialization, education, and self-esteem.

Resilience, problem-solving and interpersonal skills are crucial for their academic and social success.

StartKidsUp offers them a unique experience with which they have fun while socializing and learning: developing an innovative project with social impact with their friends.

Do you bet on tomorrow’s leaders?

The 3 pillars of StartKidsUp


Children solve problems through games adapted to their age. The most important thing is that they have fun while learning!

Social learning

Each team member plays an essential role. Different ages, genders, and other conditions are integrated. Each person brings in their unique talent!

Personal development

Children are guided to enhance what they do well naturally. They set-up their startup, based on their tastes and interests, fostering their creativity and leadership capacity.


Through games, problem-solving techniques and community involvement,
We make an impact on 6-to-12 year’s old children development. How?

Activities in schools

We work with schools that already have an innovation plan, working on STEAM and robotics but aim to go even further.

We help them to introduce innovation, sustainability, and student leadership through extracurricular activities and workshops based on Design Thinking for Elementary and Middle School.

See also our training resources  for teachers.

Activities for families

Curious children form a community with new friends and make an impact through their innovative projects.

Additionally, we link families who are involved in their children’s education so they have more resources and security in dealing with problems that arise every day.

We observe disputes, temper tantrums, and negotiations through a different lensand we use Design Thinking-based activities to forge enduring bonds with their kids.

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Workshop for improving communication with your children

1st of July

Tech Barcelona. Pl. de Pau Vila, 1 Plaça de Pau Vila 08003 Barcelona

Learn to connect, understand each other and speak nicely with your children aged between 6 and 12 years’ old



The StartKidsUp team

We are a young team that is eager to advocate for an education that is tailored to the demands of the modern world.

We are educators, entrepreneurs, and designers dedicated to giving the kids we guide an unforgettable experience.

Playing, learning, and developing the potential that each one has within.

Financed by the European Union - NextGenerationEU

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They have already experienced it

What do our families think?

Noa (11) and Eva (9) create an art NGO

Pau (10) and Ankose (11) create a platform to help the elderly

Hugo (7) and Martí (6) design a first aid house on the beach

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Frequently Asked Questions

StartKidsUp is an educational innovation project that aims to foster self-confidence and leadership in kids between the ages of 6 and 12 so they can passionately and independently face challenges without a clear solution.

We accomplish it by using Design Thinking in educational activities (extracurricular, games, and workshops).

Design Thinking is a methodology popularized in the United States at Stanford University. Its purpose is to give answers to the problems of today’s societies through innovation.

Currently, this methodology is very present in the start-up world. When we take it to the educational field, this proposal offers children a real context from which they will be able to learn self-management (frustration, self-esteem, resilience through the success and failure inherent in innovation) as well as learn key-life skills (empathy, creativity, critical thinking, through real life problem-solving).

Yes, although it is not yet a widespread methodology in the Spanish Education industry, it is a great opportunity to work on it from childhood. It allows children to develop key skills through the practice of sustainability, entrepreneurship, and innovation. Topics that are not yet covered in any Primary Education subject, but that are recognized as basic both in the Spanish educational law (LOMLOE) and the European one.

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Children aged 6 to 12 are eligible.

Yes. The Design Thinking methodology offers thousands of opportunities for children with different abilities to learn and participate in the same way as the rest of their classmates. Design Thinking enables task organization in which each person contributes their unique talent to the equation, resulting in an innovative project.

Our programs always begin with games that encourage the development of emotions and cross-curricular skills that are not typically taught in schools. For example, our educational game “Buyers and sellers,” encourages negotiation, critical thinking, financial education, and frustration management all-in-all.

The game is combined with the creation of an innovative project. Children identify a problem in their immediate environment (at school, in their neighborhood, or at home) and work together to develop an original solution.

Very simple! Send an email ( with the contact information for the main coordinator of your center or the person in charge of extracurricular activities, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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