If you are a school prepared to take a leap in your innovation plan…

Set yourself apart from other schools by offering your families a cutting-edge approach that is being successfully used to improve self-esteem and life skills.

We bring Start Kids Up to your school, either for extracurricular activities, workshops, or teacher training. Choose your favorite format!

Design Thinking Extracurricular activity

Annual activities for schools (1 or 1.5 hours a week).

Offer an innovative alternative in the form of extracurricular activities at your school!

In the annual Design Thinking activity, we develop an original project with a social impact while working in-depth and amusingly on skills like curiosity, analysis, teamwork, communication, and leadership.

The students will work through a Design Thinking curriculum based on game-based learning and the development of an innovative project with societal relevance.

We create a personalized monitoring plan for every child, looking into their skills and passions to help you with projects that are related to them.

Design Thinking Workshop

A bit of Design Thinking to apply to the subjects of your choice.

We incorporate the StartKidsUp method into your school applying Design Thinking to the content of specific subjects (for example, a focus on Sustainable Development Goals or prototyping with robotics tools) or in tutoring spaces (improvement of group cohesion, self-knowledge, etc.) so that children are an active part of resolving the challenges of the school.

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Teacher training

If you believe that in order to educate, it is essential to understand topics that are not covered in your degree program but that the world needs…

We must first lead ourselves in order to educate the leaders of tomorrow.. Teachers who complete this training not only learn how to apply Design Thinking in the classroom, but also how to create the kind of learning environment that their students need in the classroom and at school.

By placing the student at the center, they can begin to address the issues they themselves are facing (ratios, varying needs, a lack of respect or cohesiveness, etc.). Additionally, they enhance their teaching methods by co-creating with other educators and their own pupils.

We are experts in educational innovation, and we demonstrate how to combine the Design Thinking methodology with others (such as project-based learning, gamification, flipped classrooms, etc.).

Always through the lens of inclusion and significant learning for all students.

Holiday camps

Occasional activities during vacation periods

Offer an innovative alternative for your school’s summer, Christmas, or Easter camp!

The yearly Design Thinking activity can be customized for your holiday camps to work in a fun and effective way on skills like curiosity, analysis, teamwork, communication, and leadership through the creation of a cutting-edge project with genuine impact.

Additionally, it combines sports, environmental volunteerism, and outdoor activities to ensure that they have an unforgettable vacation!

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